Vishwakarma Engineering


Vishwakarma engineering roofing sheet is a metal roofing sheet manufacturer company which is based in jodhpur rajasthan. We provide 3 types of roofing series in industry for commercial , domestic , and semi commercial and domestic. first regular profile sheet which used for industrial tin shed and agricultural building and construction activities , next is Tiled metal roofing sheet which is so much beautifull for residential and resort , hotel, parking , home use. and the 3rd one is our Waving roofing sheet which is inspired by old corrugated roofing sheet, because we think "OLD IS GOLD" thats why we representing this corrugated sheet in a new way. there is a benifit for customer from our side is that we give customer required length to our precious customer so that there is no chance for wastage in material and there is no addtion in cost for this facility. same cost but user required length... we can give the best price to our customers.... last but not the least....We do not compromise with quality. we believe in quality work and quality material only.

Vishwakarma roofing sheets do not rust, have excellent thermal properties which keep temperatures cool, have a high resale value and are 100% environment friendly. With the kind of characteristics it displays along with excellent durability and toughness

We have a team of diligent workers and trained professionals who help to deliver our products and services on a prompt basis to our valued clients. Besides, we procure our products from reliable sources in the market. Our eminent staffs are efficient in executing the service as per the clients specific demands.

The roofing sheets provided by us are sound in quality and durable which makes us stand out in the crowd of other dealers. Our roofing sheets are available in varied models and sizes. Clients have ample opportunities to choose roofing sheets according to their requirements and budget.We develop good relationship with customers by supplying them excellent quality products, which help us to understand the requirement of our customers and further improve products' quality. We provide complete roofing products & solutions with an aesthetic finish.


Like other business the customer satisfaction is the key area of its success. To maintain customer satisfaction the cost competitiveness, strict maintenance of delivery schedule and the quality of the goods and services needs to be maintained by paying highest attention. The management of the company is always trying to create an environment where the employee can devote their dedication to the highest extent. That ultimately gets reflected in the success stories of the company.The main mission of the organization is to implement the vision of the management and to give a strong head start to make it real at earliest.

Excelent Design

Excelent design of these roofing sheets ensure the security and weather-light performance of coated steel roofing during extreme weather.

Corrossion Resistent

High corrosion resistance provide through 120 gsm thick coating of zinc og 70/150gsm coating of zinc-aluminium, allay..

Heat Resistent

Excellent thermal properties that keep the building cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Protects you from heat outside.

Prime Quality

We provide prime quality A GRADE material of world class companies like ESSAR ASIAN TATA UTTAM JSW JINDAL our precious customers. We believe in only customer satisfaction & quality work thats it.We will never compromise in it.

Fine Finish

These sheets are uniform quality and the colors are coated uniformly colored coating. The colors are chosen from the latest color coating line.


Requirement of extra costs like installation and maintenance costs are minimum due to which these sheets have excellent economical value.